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motherdaughterWith the motto ”there is nothing more beautiful than the smile of a child”, I decided to create Mermaid Tails with which boys and girls around the world can enjoy, play, and imagine while doing healthy exercise outdoors.

Mermaids are fabulous beings originated from Greek mythology and widespread in fantastic narratives of Western literature. Their most common significance and representation describes them as beautiful women with fishtail instead of legs.

When seeing my daughters enjoying in the pool, beach, lake and even in the bathtub with their Mermaid tails, raising their imagination to the highest level, enjoying and making a great exercise, I realized that it was necessary to share this feeling with all the mothers, grandmothers, aunts and anyone who has the opportunity to make a child happy or even make your own dream of being a real mermaid.

My family and I live in Miami Beach, and here, as you know, it is warm most of the year. My two daughters (ages 3 and 10) love to play and swim in the water. And since I made their Mermaid Tails, they just want to go to the pool to become mermaids in front of her friends. They are really happy and I feel very happy too to have contributed to that enjoyment. I am especially glad to see them outdoors, exercising and enjoying their childhood as children; not in front of a computer or television.

Times have changed, technology, communication and even the way children play, but one thing is certain: we all love to play, have fun and imagine. Here when Mermaidreams LLC.  comes into your life and in the ones of the children who you want to make happy with one of our mermaid tails. You can re-imagine at the same time you exercise your body and share the best time with your family and friends.

It is time to make your dream come true, Mermaid Friend!

– Tai Castellanos

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Mermaid Tails

Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions, if your question is not resolved, please contact us via e-mail or phone, we are here to help.

A monofin is a type of swimfin typically used in underwater sports such as finswimming, freediving and underwater orienteering, and in recreational freediving. It consists of a single surgace attached to footpockets for both of the diver’s feet. The diver’s appearance is then reminiscent of a Mermaid o Merman. To use it properly, You have firstly to feel comfortable with the monofin and this feeling will come early. You should just begin by playing around with the monofin, making practice on gliding underwater and make first experiences with something simple like doing some swings while heading for the bottom of the pool. The secret in swimming with monofins is to learn how to use the entire body as one big muscle that will drive the monofin. Most of people think they just need to have powerful legs to kick it on and many finswimmers still swim like that, but they’re wrong. When you get it, when you understand how to use the whole body to move forward with a monofin in the water, you will have the right feelings. When you first master the kick and the glide, you will feel a freedom underwater that cannot be found anywhere else. It takes both time and training to really master the dolphin-kick!
In Mermaidreams there are two options, you will find in the store. Buy your tail with monofin or without monofin, although we recommend buying the complete outfit to fully enjoy the feeling of being a real Mermaid and swim like them. The decision is yours, if you have a monofin, you can buy the tail skin have several models.You don’t need to buy a monofin with each mermaid tail, since all our lines are made to fit the monofin, you will just have to change the monofin when it becomes small for you.
YES! Mermaidreams produces two types of mermaid tails. Mermaid tails and Carnival. The two types can be used as a costume and also can be introduced into the water. MERMAID TAILS are designed especially for water, are closed in the lower part to enter the monofin and swimming as a real mermaid. These Tails feature a zipper on the side that allows you to remove and insert the monofin with ease and also allows you to walk with your tail on. All you have to do is remove the monofin, put the feet out the zipper and hold the bottom of the tail with your hand. CARNIVAL Mermaid Tails are designed for use as a costume, especially for the little ones as they will not be swimming with monofin, although we do of all sizes. These lines are open from the bottom to walk with them easily. It is no possible inserting a monofin in it, but can be used in water.
To choose the size of your Mermaid Tail, the most important thing to do is measure yourself (length from belly button to ankle, waist 1 inch below your belly button, hips, and knees) and know your U.S. shoe size. Most tail listings on our site include a size chart in their description to help you in your selection. With these steps you can choose the size of your mermaid tail and monofin that fits your feet. If you didn’t provide your measurements while you placed your order, do not forget to send us the measurements needed to make your mermaid tail that fits your body to perfection via email.
NO. Our products are not sold in any retail store. You can find them online at EBAY, ETSY, AMAZON and on our website. In this way we minimize resulting costs have a retail store and we sell our products at a much more affordable by offering the highest quality products to our customers.
YES. Mermaidreams sends worldwide all their products. We want to have Mermaid Friends everywhere!!!!!!!
It depends on several factors. The first, is the number of productions that we have at the time of your purchase. We promise to ship your purchase with a maximum period of 15 working days counting from we receive your payment in full, but if you have a special event soon, you should let us know so we try to advance the production of your tail. Another factor is the product that we order to complete your purchase, we do the order of the material and the monofin that you have chosen once you have made ​​the purchase, normally it takes between 7 to 10 days to reach us, but sometimes we have these products in stock. Finally also influences where you live, if the shipping is to USA, normally the shipping takes to get from 2-3 days, but if you’re outside the United States, usually takes from 7-12 days. Either way contact us to arrange the dates carefully.
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When filling out the form to submit measurements, please be sure to include the following:

  • Length (from 1″ below belly button to ankle bone)
  • Around the waist (1″ below belly button)
  • Around the hips
  • Around the knees
  • Shoe size