Coral Colors. Basic Tail

//Coral Colors. Basic Tail
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Coral Colors. Basic Tail


This is a basic Swimmable Mermaid beautiful Coral color mermaid tail .

Do not forget to send us your own Measurements, we will love to tailor the tail to fits your body to perfection.

Complete your outfit adding accents to your Tail,  Matching top, shorts, rubber band and also add a tail for your doll.

Make your dreams come true!!!


Product Description

  • All our mermaid tails are tailored with the highest material quality 80%nylon/20% spandex.
  • They have a 22″ zipper on one side for easy access to the monofin .
  • Give us 12 days for the production of your mermaid tail, if you have any event coming soon, let us know so we can explore the possibility of moving production.
  • Always use your mermaid tail under the supervision of an adult and do not forget to carefully read the safety manual that we send with your tail. SAFETY FIRST!
  • If you are under 18 years, ask an adult to make the purchase for you. Minors can not make the purchase without the company of an adult


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