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Finis Monofin


Here you can purchase your perfect Monofin by Finis. Mermaid monofin for child, custom-cut Wave and Rapid for Youth and Adult or the NEW Aquarius Monofin. Select your size!

If you have any question, please feel free to send us a message or give us a call. We are here to help!! cell. 305-303-7296

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Product Description



The Mermaid Fin is a fun monofin pool toy ideal for young swimmers. The Mermaid Fin teaches a balanced dolphin kick while also allowing children to increase their confidence in the water. The Mermaid Fin comes with a comfortable TPR foot pocket and uses a quick-release foot strap so that feet can quickly be removed from the fin for safety. Ideal for children 12 and under, the Mermaid Fin fits shoe sizes male 1-6, female 12-7.


MEDIUM: WAVE MONOFIN (handmade customize by Mermaidreams in a Mermaid shape)

The Wave is a youth- size recreational monofin that teaches younger swimmers the undulation needed for a proper dolphin kick. Safe to use in a pool, lake or ocean, the Wave will build a child’s leg strength and make them a more confident swimmer. The Wave has a built in stability ridge for proper flexion and comes with an adjustable heel strap that can be fitted to men’s US shoe sizes 1 to 7 or women’s 2-8, making it a great product for beginning competitive swimmers. The Wave comes with quick-release foot straps for added safety and easy adjusting. Plastic protection inserts are included in order to keep the shape of the foot pocket during storage. The Wave is a great swim toy and comes with a signature of approval from Olympic gold medalist and FINIS founder, Pablo Morales.

BIG: RAPID MONOFIN (handmade customize by Mermaidreams in a Mermaid shape)

The Rapid is a recreational monofin designed for teenagers and adults. Using a large single-blade, swimmers  learn a proper undulation in the water and obtain a great core and leg workout. The Rapid’s flexible blade makes swimming more enjoyable as users can swim at greater speeds and depths. A versatile monofin, the Rapid can be used in a pool, lake or ocean and comes with an adjustable heel straps that can be fitted to men’s US shoe sizes 8 to 12 or women’s 9-13. The Rapid also comes with quick release foot straps that provide added safety in the water. A great product for swimmers looking for fun or a healthy workout, the Rapid comes with a signature of approval from Olympic gold medalist, Pablo Morales.


The Aquarius Monofin comes with its own Mermaid shape. Our Mermaid taild by default are made with Mermaid, Wave and Rapid shape, but if you prefer to use this Monofin inside your Mermaid tail, you may let us know at the time you make your order. Ask how to order your tail with Aquarius Monofin!!

  • Always use your Monofin under the supervision of an adult and do not forget to carefully read the safety manual that we send with your tail. SAFETY FIRST!
  • If you are under 18 years, ask an adult to make the purchase for you. Minors can not make the purchase without the company of an adult


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