Friendly Shark Blanket

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Friendly Shark Blanket


Friendly Shark Blanket! Be warm and protected with your New Friendly Shark friend, he is here to keep you warm and sleep with you.

Perfect gift for sleep over, movie time and read a book with your friend.


Product Description

  • All our Friendly shark blankets are handmade with the best fleece fabric.
  • They are close at the bottom and they come up to your waist
  • Make your next sleep-over the best experience with your Mer-blanket!!
  • Give us 7 days for the production of your mermaid tail, if you have any event coming soon, let us know so we can explore the possibility of moving production.
  • If you are under 18 years, ask an adult to make the purchase for you. Minors can not make the purchase without the company of an adult


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