2 COLORS Accent

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2 COLORS Accent

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This wonderful 2 tail colors accent gives a spectacular and  realistic second color to your tail. The most original Mermaid Tail out there!!.


2 Colors Mermaid Tail acccent

How to add this accent to my New Tail:

After you add to your Cart your favorite Mermaid tail, it is time to choose an an accent that you would love to have to make your tail unique. To add this accent to you tail, choose any secondary color and add it to the cart

You always can add a note at check our or send us an email explain us how to make your Mermaid Tail combination. We are here to help and we love creative Mermaids!!

Product Description



  • Always use your mermaid tail under the supervision of an adult and do not forget to carefully read the safety manual that we send with your tail. SAFETY FIRST!
  • If you are under 18 years, ask an adult to make the purchase for you. Minors can not make the purchase without the company of an adult

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