Swimming Mermaid Tails for Rent and professional Mermaid for parties

Miami Beach, FL 33154 USA

Tai Castellanos

We love to offer you different packages to make your next Birthday Party or special occasion a blast with creative mermaid party invitations!

With us, you can rent Mermaid Tails, have a Professional Mermaid show and inlcude one person helping the Mermaid with kids and music.

Mermaid Birthday Party

You can book:

90min. Professional Mermaid show: It includes a Professional Mermaid show swimming and playing with kids, making the Birthday party a Dreams for all kids. She will have special attention with the Birthday girl/ boy.

Mermaid Tails Rental: You can rent as many tails as you need to make your Birthday party the most magical and special one for you and all your friends. The Monofin will be included with the Tails.


Bronze Mermaid Package: It includes 90 min. Professional Mermaid show and max. of 6 Mermaid tails with Monofin for rent.

Gold Mermaid Package: It includes 90min. professional Mermaid show, max. of 6 Mermaid Tails with Monofin for rent and one person helping the Mermaid and kids with music and activities underwater.

*We can modify quantity of tails, we can ship the tails worldwide*

Mermaid tails can also be rented for special events, private parties and photo shoots. Ask us how it works and we’ll let you pick your favorite from our stock!

Ready For Mermaid Party Invitations?

Welcome to the Magical world of Mermaids and Mermen!!!

For more info, please sent to us an email or contact by phone: 1 305-303-7296