Rush Fees, Custom Payments or Donations and gift cards

  • Realistic Mermaid Tails for Swimming
    MERMAIDREAMS GIFT CARD!! Help to Make his/her Dreams come true!! If you don't know Which Tail she/he will love or just you want help her/him with a part of the total cost, this Gift Card is perfect for you!! Send us an email with some words or letter that you would love to send her/him and we will send the most pretty Mermaidreams Gift card to her/him. Mermaidreams Gift card doesn't expire and you can use it to buy any product from our shop online. Mermaidreams gift cards can be from $25 to $300 PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTION. WE ARE HERE TO HELP!!!  
  • PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ADD THIS FEE!!! If you would like to submit your own pattern or one that we don't currently make, PLEASE CONTACT US FIRST with the details to make sure that we will be able to make your pattern before making your purchase. Thanks!
  • To send a custom payment, please enter the desired quantity of $1 increments you would like to purchase/pay. For example, for a payment of $10.00, enter "10" in the quantity box. Thank you!
  • Rush Fee

    PLEASE READ BEFORE YOU ADD THIS FEE!!! We usually allow 12 days for the production of your mermaid tail. If you have an event coming soon, or you need us to rush the production of your tail, PLEASE CONTACT US to make sure that we will be able to meet your deadline. Thanks!

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