Aquarius edition Mermaid tail is an original custom-made Mermaid tail only by Mermaidreams. This amazing Mermaid Tail is coming with Aquarius Monofin from FINIS. You can pick your favorite color amd add amy accent to your cart to complete your Mermaid tail. Aquarius Monofin fits US shoe size from 4 to 11 woman Please, after your purchase, send to us your own Measurements if you want we tailor your Tail and make it fits to your body like a glove, if you are not able or you don't send to us the measurements required, we will make your tail in an standard size based in the size that you have bought. Measurements needed: Around belly button, around hips, around knees, Length (from belly button to ankle bone) and US shoe size. Please, feel free to contact us if you have any question at 305-303-7296 /